Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Past The Veil website and the closing of the TC blog

If you are reading this post, then you probably are already well aware that this blog is no longer being used apart from occasional updates recently. It has been an intriguing and sometimes downright fun past few years. I began blogging about and teaching via online classes on Conjure, Hoodoo, Rootwork and various forms of folk magick back in 2012. I grew up in and around this tradition in its many many aspects and coming online with my practice was one of the best and worst experiences of my life relating to the subject.

The community online is definitely alot more watered down and just ...different... than how the community truly is when you step offline. The net is full of self-appointed gurus and charlatans and if you are real lucky you *might* find one old school true to form worker for every 100 people talking about hoodoo online. However, besides dealing with online politics (something that is also more of an issue online rather than IRL.), I also have made several good friends, new connections with colleagues in the field and learned a whole lot!

For awhile I was extremely sporadic with my posts, and sometimes wouldn't post at all. Life has thrown me for some loops in the past couple of years (all for the best however) and I found myself with my hands very full. So I stepped back for a while and all but disappeared and then the funniest thing happened. I began to get lots of emails and messages across social media accounts and on my Youtube videos of people asking me to continue making videos or write more blog posts. Even though I had been inactive for quite sometime, people were still taking useful information away from my videos and blog posts and were actively and eagerly awaiting more from me. However, the Traditional Conjure blog doesn't really feel like home to me anymore and is not going the direction I would like to take everything. I want things to be a bit more in depth, become a huge go-to resource and develop a large community dedicated to logical and practical application/education of folk magick traditions, the occult and the mechanics at work behind them. I want to start with a clean slate as is only appropriate in this case I believe.

So, now that life has chilled out a bit and I don't have so many things demanding my attention, I am back once and for all... and with a new website/blog. Past The Veil is my new Conjure, Hoodoo and Rootwork blog where I will not only share tons of awesome information and rants for you to browse through but I will also be hosting all of my services from that blog as well as hosting a few classes. It may be just a while before I get into the swing of making weekly videos but that is a plan that is in the works as well. The Traditional Conjure blog will remain here but I will no longer be active here besides *maybe* re-blogging posts from Past The Veil.

So with that, I ask that if you are reading this, please come join me over at and embark with me on a new journey in the world of folk magick and the occult.