Thursday, March 6, 2014

Website going back up!

As some of you long time readers may know, I own and operate As of last year I shut it down due to alot of infighting and such in the community etc etc... (read more here) But 2014 has been such a great year for me so in celebration of shaking off the naysayers, charlatans and unsavory colleagues I have decided to reopen the TC website and storefront again and this time not allow any interference whatsoever. On the site once all is completed you will be able to sift through a FREE herbal correspondence, get FREE tips and tricks and the store will have plenty of goodies from Mojo Hands to Herbal Baths! Right now the site simply redirects back to this blog so hold your horses and your favorite, EFFECTIVE conjureman will be back on the scene and operational in no time!

~Matthew Levi

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Icicles in Folk Magic?!?

Now before I begin let me first say that what  am about to discuss is probably not something that most people would call or consider to be 'Traditional Conjure/Hoodoo'.

And this is where people get tripped up about what exactly 'Traditional' means and the difference between it and an 'uncommon practice'

A tradition is a behavior or a belief passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. So technically speaking, a traditional practice can form at any time, becoming traditional to that person or group when an amount of time has passed.

An uncommon practice on the other hand is any practice that while it is accepted within a certain setting, group or otherwise, it typically is not something that is adhered to or practiced commonly within said setting or group. Traditions can also become uncommon practices and vice versa.

Okay now that that's out of the way, let's get down to the subject of this post ... ICICLES! In Conjure/Hoodoo/Folk Magic etc... whatever you want to call it, we make use of water quite frequently whether it be used as an offering to our Spirits, during a spiritual bath, for water scrying, to freeze somebody up or their actions (Freezer Spell) and the list goes on.

This morning when I got out of bed I noticed that everything outside had icicles hanging down. Now, I live in SouthEast Texas so when we get ice, sleet or snow, most of us tend to get excited about it. So there I was at 8am this morning outside snapping pictures left and right of all the ice and icicles so I could share them with family a little further North when I had a great idea! What if you were to take the icicles and used them or the water that created them in Folk Magic? What results could come from it? Also, per the Law of Contagion, what kind of plants did you pull the icicles from and what are those plants known for magically?

That has got to be some super charged spiritual water! Here's an example of its use:
You have someone in your life who will absolutely not leave you alone and is constantly gossiping about you. No problem, head outside and collect as many icicles as you can from a plant known magically to make someone shut up or go away and use those melted icicles as the water in your next freezer jar. Sure you could add plant material to it as well but you already have some very powerful water all by itself because it has been in contact with a plant known for certain attributes (law of contagion/doctrine of signatures). Need it to carry a bigger punch? Collect the icicles after a snow storm, relying on the theory of Doctrine of Signatures.

Well, that's it for now ladies and gents but I just wanted to share food for thought with ya'll today. Now go experiment and have fun!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A weekly blessing work

Ah good ol' Monday is here and a new week has begun! On Friday I shared with you my method for clearing out mental clutter and refocusing your mind in order not only to de-stress but also to be able to start a new week with a fresh perspective, attitude and clear head. This is really a double whammy because it will help you tremendously with not only your mundane work/life but your spiritual work as well. So in following up on my post from Friday, today, I want to share with you a quick work that I find helps really give me a boost if I have time for it on these early Monday mornings. It is a very simple method of self empowerment and blessing before you begin not only a new day but a new week as well and can be performed before heading off to work on Monday mornings.

Now if you are like the other 95% of the world you probably start every Monday off thinking to yourself  "Great, Monday is here. Yet another long week." 

Don't do that today, make the week work for you by simply starting it out positive. I want to share something that might help you begin and carry on through your week with a cleansed spirit and level head.

You'll need a few things:

  • A White candle (tealight or small votive is fine)
  • Blessed Olive Oil or High John Oil

Before you begin if you do not already have either blessed Olive Oil or High John the Conqueror root oil, acquire either. To make blessed Olive Oil, take your oil in a small jar or vial and place your hands upon it while praying;

"I set this oil apart to be made blessed. Almighty God, I pray, remove any impurities that this water contains in it or upon it. Bless and empower it so that it may be used to cleanse, heal and bless any who need it. May it turn darkness into light, sickness into health and lack into abundance. Amen."

This prayer can be formatted however you like, it is only an example. The oil is immediately ready after your prayer.

Take your candle and hold it for a minute or two while focusing on what your ideal week would be like. Close your eyes and visualize it. See your upcoming days to be filled with happy times, lots of work being accomplished, maybe a stroll or two through a park when the weather is absolutely perfect, etc... Hold those thoughts/images/feelings for a minute and then allow them to flow through you and into the candle. Once again, if you need to take a moment to visualize it, do it! (Anytime the flame is lit and the candle goes to work, all of that built up energy and thoughts get ignited and brought into reality with the flame.)

Place your candle in your workspace and pray over it first, Psalm 115:15 and then take a dab of blessed oil and place just a dab on the insides (where you can feel your pulse) of each wrist and off you go for the day. you can blow the candle out when you leave and reuse it each Monday. That is what I do so I'm not going through tealights like candy!

Integrate this small work to your usual routine and you could have one heck of an awesome powerhouse ritual to start off each week. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Clearing out the weeks clutter A.K.A. Taking out the trash

A great man once said to me, "If you want a clean house you have to take out the trash." This came in the middle of a conversation about emotions and how I needed to find a way to 'clear my mind' of all that built up mental clutter, stress and the weeks worries that I may still be holding onto. What he said to me that day and the trick I learned from it has helped me week after week since then to simply release, refocus and organize myself and my life. 

Anyone who says that there are absolutely no psychological undertones to magic(k) needs to re-evaluate their statement. Psychology and raw emotional states play a very large role in magickal systems the world over. When performing rituals do you not work yourself into an altered state on at least some level? Do you not tell yourself through affirmation, chant or prayer that what you are asking for will indeed happen through these very methods? I know for myself, any sort of magickal undertaking is a very in-depth and very personal process, one in which I become very emotionally responsive to one extreme or the other. This is the very fuel of many if not dare I say, all, magickal and magico-religious systems. Without digressing too much and diving head first into a discussion about psychological ties to belief systems, I will let you soak in what I just said and allow you to do the research for yourself if you need further convincing.

So every Friday night I do exactly as that man told me and I 'take out the trash'. I dedicate at least 30 minutes each Friday night to clear out my mental clutter and refocus when the day is winding down and more often than not that 30 minute session comes right after dinner when everyone is full and just kicking back for the night with a movie or what-not. After doing this I usually feel quite euphoric for at least the remainder of the night and come Monday morning I am still clear, focused, organized and ready to take on yet another week.

Now I would like to share my method of mental clutter cleaning with all my readers in hopes that it helps someone else the same way it has helped me.


Only a couple of things are really needed for this and they are listed below:
  • Quiet, comfortable place to sit undisturbed 
  • 20-30 minutes
Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you will be undisturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Make this your 'spot'. Close your eyes and I want you to focus on all of your stresses throughout this past week, picture them in your mind as pieces of paper; your screaming boss is now just a piece of paper, your housework ... paper. You get the idea.

I want you to now picture a desk and a wastebasket in front of you. One by one your pieces of paper start to pile up on the desk into a neat little stack. Pick up this stack of papers and allow yourself to briefly skim each piece of paper over and then throw it in the wastebasket. Do this to every piece of paper in the stack and as you do so, try not to let your mind become too attached to each piece but rather see the paper and allow whatever thoughts may come to simply pass through, don't hold on to them... As the thoughts pass so too should the piece of paper into the wastebasket. When your wastebasket is full and all papers are off of the desk, open your eyes and feel the relief from knowing that you have went in and cleaned up a little bit. After doing this for a few weeks you will begin to notice that your life seems to just kind of flow smoother than before you began.

Add a little bit of creativity and you could turn this routine into a full blown weekly ritual to further remove yourself from the mundane when performing it. Try incorporating it into cleansing baths or maybe perform a shorter version of it tailored to prepare your mind to be open and receptive during readings... etc.

I truly hope this extremely simple and extremely effective trick helps somebody

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to use playing cards for simple Yes/No answers

I have been asked many times how one would go about getting an answer to a simple yes or no formatted question with a deck of playing cards. The reason I think this trips people up a little bit is because almost every bit of information regarding Cartomancy, whether it be found in a book or on the internet seems to focus more on the in-depth meanings of the cards individually and when read in a spread but very few writers on the subject stop to educate their readers/students on other, simpler methods for quick and simple readings that don't require so much information being put out. Maybe they think it is too remedial? Who knows? But before you can walk you must crawl so this quick Yes/No method is excellent for the novice diviner to get their footing as well as the more advanced diviner to be able to give quick answers to clients and self. Sure you could go through an entire 10 card layout to receive a 'positive' or 'negative' answer in the end but why go through all of that when you have all the information and what you need is just a solid YES or NO.

So I'm going to give you a simple method straight from my book "Playing Card Divination: How to Read Playing Cards in Traditional Conjure" in hopes that it helps some aspiring diviner out there think outside the rigid box.


First, you will need a brand new deck of cards or if you already have a deck that you divine with and they are already dedicated to your Spirit(s) you can go ahead and just use those as well. First we need to associate the colors with either a "yes" answer or a "no" answer. We will be using any red cards to mean a "yes" answer and black to mean a "no" answer. Now would be the best time before you begin, to communicate your color connotations to your Spirit(s) either aloud or silently.

Next, you will ask your question (keep in mind this is for yes/no answers so choose your question accordingly) while shuffling your deck 3 times while still focusing on the question. Call out to your Spirit(s) on the last shuffle asking them to provide you with an accurate answer.

Lastly, ask your question aloud and simply flip the first card off the top of the deck and you will have your answer before you according to the color.

This method has never ever failed me, not to mention that it i extremely simple yet effective! Have fun and leave me some feedback in the comments if you tried this method and the results you gained.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


It has been 4 months since my last posting here on my own blog. I believe sufficient time has passed that I am now able to continue my work in a new light and a new view on several things both in the Conjure community as well as in my own life. Before, honestly, I was hindered by the thoughts of others, their viewpoints and beliefs, what was accepted or not accepted etc... Now, after a long hiatus and ALOT of soul searching I have decided to get back to it and simply not worry nor care one bit what others have to say about what I believe or how I practice because it is MY practice. I got wrapped up in the politics, the cultural appropriation subjects and all other manner of matters that kept me from actually just accepting my own beliefs and practicing what *I* felt was/is right. To each their own ya know? I will no longer partake in those types of debates nor will I allow them to take place on this blog or anywhere else my name is found.

Faith is just that ... FAITH. Believe in yourself and believe in you convictions and NEVER allow anyone to sway that no matter what. I do not care if you have umpteen fancy anthropology, theology, etc degrees from XX University and studied within that culture or this culture. It does not make a bit of difference to me. I believe what I believe because GOD allows me that. NOT YOU. Go ahead and put man-made rules on faith... That is your choice, but you are hindering your own progress, not mine. :) :)

I'm back.

~Matthew Levi

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just a few changes

Where to begin? Well, as most of you may have realized it has been an entire month since I last blogged or was really active on any of the other social networking sites I have been a member of and there is good reason for this which I am about to explain :)

Ever since I came back to the Hoodoo/Rootwork scene online I have experienced more than a small amount of backstabbing, trash talking, attacks and many other forms of this wonderful thing we like to call "drama". You see, I am 28 years old, grew up in a family that had a few workers from which I was taught this spiritual practice of mine and for several years I worked in my local communities in which I lived and made a small name for myself and I enjoyed being able to know and see changes that I was making in peoples lives... that is the reason I do what I do; I am called to it.

Unfortunately however, the online realm is full of charlatans and overpriced, overly zealous people. It is an unfortunate fact but a fact that remains nonetheless. So at the age of 19 I took my practice online and frequented many Yahoo groups, IRC channels and other social platforms in an effort to connect with fellow workers and like-minded individuals... but that was soon to prove to be short lived and simply not worth all the politics and drama that seem to surround ANY online community, so I took my leave and it wasn't until last year that I decided to get back online with my practice and test the proverbial waters again. Oh boy what a mistake that has proven to be.

I have constantly been attacked, called every name in the book, told that I wasn't who I say I am (mind you from someone who knows, excuse my language, JACK SHIT about me.) and the list just goes on. I have spent more time online trying to defend myself and deal with all the politics and pissing contests that it has taken away from my work because I am having to constantly stay focused on drama and less on work... well I have had just about enough and am sick and tired of it. I'm not here to do all that, I am here to do what I KNOW I was put on this Earth to do. Granted, I have made alot of friends and colleagues online, some really big names and some not, so I have to make it clear that this isn't directed towards EVERYONE in the online community just those who have created strife simply because they can or maybe felt threatened because I don't charge $100.00 for a friggin 30 minute reading. I have a 9-5 so money really doesn't play much of a part in this. So I will let the others go ahead and treat their clients as just another dollar sign or bank statement, you'll pay for it in the end so I don't have to do anything except mind my own business and do what I do.

So... last night I deactivated my Facebook and when my current class is over, my websites EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE will be taken offline as I do not wish to operate a storefront anymore but would rather just teach my classes, blog, make my videos again, write my books and do work for my clients. It is sad that it has had to come to this but my clients are important to me and they deserve my attention and having to wade through all the BS before I can even think about working is not something I wish to put up with and I will NOT. Wanna lose faith in your spirituality? It's easy, hop online and play the Spiritual Politics game, but me, I take my leave from those sites and people before I lose all faith myself. Yes, we are all subject to that, noone is exempt as we are only human and it is human to err... the trick is to know when to hold em and when to fold em. Seriously, I was much happier before I got on Facebook and a few of the other sites. I want that back and this is how I'm going to get it... hell, it's already back and life is much more enjoyable without all the drama.

I am getting to the end of this rant and am ready to truly get back to focusing 100% on my work. So having said all of this, I now leave this behind and move forward with the Work that I was put here to do. If anyone needs me, use the contact form to get ahold of me, this is the Official blog of Matthew Levi!

Thank you to all who have supported me throughout everything and to those who have bred all the drama.. all you did is motivate me more ;) Let's get back to work now!

~Matthew Levi