Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tapa Boca (Shut Mouth)

Last week I went over how to work with San Ramon (St. Raymond) to shut someone up or make them stop gossiping and a couple of days ago my friend and fellow worker Oskar was telling me about how to use Loteria cards in my work. He said it came from what is called barrio magic ;) So, being the curious person I am, today I headed down to my local Hispanic market to pick myself up some of these cards and I found myself also rummaging through the vast selection of candles on the aisle.

I didn't plan on buying any specific candle but I ended up leaving with not only the cards but also some Kananga water, Santisima Muerte candle and some John the Conqueror pieces. So, here I am looking through all these candles and one in particular stuck out.... Tapa Boca (Shut up or Shut Mouth).

This is a candle that I have used a few times before and with great success at that. Typically though, I use San Ramon or a few other methods of which I will not give away here ;) But, I figured 'What the heck, it may come in useful at some point' plus it was a steal at only $1.00 so how could I turn that down. Needless to say I walked out of that market with my arms full! Now, I'm going to show yall how to use this Tapa Boca candle.


 How to use a Tapa Boca candle:

First, take your Tapa Boca candle and dress it with Shut Up oil and sprinkle a pinch of Slippery Elm over the wax and take a few Cloves and stick them into the wax. Next, you will make a petition with the persons name OR 'Whoever is gossiping about me' and cross this out with the words 'Tapa Boca' in the form of an X like this:

 Or if you have a picture of the person you can alternatively make an X shape over their mouth with black tape.

Dress the petition paper with the Shut Up oil on each corner and place the petition under the candle face up and say the following:

To you ______(Name)______________
or any other person who tries to harass, harm or impair me through rumors or gossip, I will instantly cover and recover the ears of those you speak to. Finally, if you continue to bother me with your evil words I will destroy your character to those around you. Right now I am closing your mouth, this very moment, you will SHUT UP!

Go to the candle every day and repeat the petition until the candle burns out and the person shuts their mouth.